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The UTIMI Large Plastic Chastity Cage for Man Penis Exercise, a male chastity device, epitomizes sophistication in its design, boasting a 3D printed construction engineered to seamlessly conform to the intricate contours of the male anatomy. Employing cutting-edge 3D printing technology, this device..
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This nylon cage weighs less than 3.5 ounces, making it far lighter than metal ones. exceptionally well suited for prolonged usage.Breathable. On hot days, minimize perspiration. Very simple to clean without removing it.more skin-friendly than ones made of metal. amazing comfort. Possibly put below a..
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Behold the pinnacle of discretion and comfort within the realm of male chastity apparatus – behold our Lightweight Resin Chastity Cage. Meticulously crafted with a focus on precision and imbued with a dual purpose of aesthetic allure and functional excellence, this chastity cage promises an unrivale..
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Male Strict Chastity Belt Underwear Chastity Belt with Removable Anal Plug Man Pants Chastity Male Bandage (Large, Pink): This impeccably designed chastity belt, tailored exclusively for male wearers, embodies a meticulous fusion of artistry and functionality. Its inconspicuous nature ensures effort..
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The Flexible Metal Mesh Penis Cage offers a remarkable amalgamation of high-quality stainless steel, boasting impeccable welding techniques, a surface of sublime smoothness, and exceptional ventilation capabilities. Its ingenious design allows for effortless rotation, granting users an elevated leve..
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This ingenious apparatus utilizes revolutionary modular design to provide protection as well as possibility. Through dexterous subdivision and frictionless fusion, its composite locking mechanism allows secure yet simple closure - a liberation from heavy fetters through featherlight engineering. Acc..
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Ergonomic Design - During male chastity play, your penis can breathe freely thanks to the Male Chastity Cage's well-fitting, pleasant design.Skin-Safe Material - Smooth surfaced, quality TPE and PC construction for long-lasting wear. This Cock Cage Kit is also ideal for covert use outdoors.The more ..
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One cage, four rings, two sets of keys, and one sheet of sandpaper are included in the resin package.Cage Size: Size: approximately 3.78"/96mm. about 3.27"/83mmCage Inside Diameter: Approximately 1.29"/33mmThe 4 rings' diameters are approximately 1.77"/45mm, 1.89"/48mm, 2.01"/51mm, and 2.16"/55mm.Al..
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Featuring an avant-garde Vertical Lock Design, our chastity cage showcases a discreet mechanism oriented vertically, promising augmented security and an aesthetically refined demeanor, all while ensconcing your desires within an impenetrable fortress. Bid adieu to overtly conspicuous locks, for the ..
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This apparatus forged from resilient yet lustrous substances is fashioned for the confinement of one's flesh as much as the liberation of one's mind. The circumferential encasement craftily combines the unyielding with supple, offering sturdiness through stainless steel yet tenderness through textil..
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Scientifically created dimensions, made to fit each person's height and length.The surface is smooth, the curve is fluid, and the skin won't be subjected to any harm.Premium Iron: Offers skin-friendly functionality and a smooth finish. Boost feelings with your lover.This SM flirting item is appropri..
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Male Chastity Cage with Anal Hook and Rope Chastity Devices Penis Lock Device (40mm/1.57in) Male Chastity Cage with Anal Hook and Rope Chastity Devices Penis Lock Device (40mm/1.57in)
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Premium-grade material: The chastity device is crafted from superior quality metal that is gentle on the skin. It's easy to maintain, long-lasting, and offers a comfortable wearing experience.The chastity mechanism boasts a refined design, constructed with top-notch materials. It's tailored for indi..
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Crafted from Nylon, this Cage presents a diminutive weight of under 3.5 ounces, a stark departure from its metallic counterparts, rendering it exceedingly conducive to protracted periods of wear, a characteristic ideal for enduring usage scenarios.Its inherent breathability affords respite from pers..
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Highlight: Discover Ultimate Control and ComfortIntroducing our premier Male Chastity Cages crafted from top-tier nylon for unparalleled quality. Experience the gentle touch of our hand-polished, smooth surfaces designed for no skin irritation and fuss-free maintenance.Choose your perfect fit with f..
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Nylon Auxiliary Strap ONLY, Chastity Device is NOT Included: This supplementary strap forged from nylon material stands as an autonomous entity, distinct from the chastity device it complements. A quintessential accessory thrust into the limelight for male chastity enthusiasts, this ingenious suppor..
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Material: Premium Medical Grade ResinSize:Cage Length: Aprox 3.35" / 8.5cm.Cage Inner Diameter: Aprox 1.5" / 3.8cmThe Diameter Of The 4 Rings:Aprox 1.85"/4.7cm,1.97"/5.0cm,2.09"/5.3cm,2.20"/5.6cmNumber of rings: 4..
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Premium Metal Silver Locked Cage Premium Metal Silver Locked Cage
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The hollowed-out design of this men's cock cage allows your penis to breathe freely while you're restrained, and it has an opening on the front so you may urinate regularly. ERGONOMIC DESIGN - This men's cock cage is curved for optimal comfort and restriction.This chastity device features a built-in..
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The Remote Control Electric Shock Male Cock Cage Chastity Device integrates a trinity of differently proportioned rings, complemented by a urethral plug meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled electrostimulation venture, all cocooned within premium-grade silicone. This contrivance not only t..
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An ethereal masterpiece of nylon resin craftsmanshipFabricated with meticulous precision using a harmonious amalgamation of nylon resin, this impeccably fashioned masterpiece radiates an otherworldly aura. Its intrinsic quality of being weightless and entirely devoid of any olfactory presence render..
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Steel is stainlessHigh-quality 304 stainless steel, which is hypoallergenic, never rusts, and is not plated.Comfort: Hand buffing is a very smooth process that won't harm your skin.Ring size: Choose from 3 distinct ring sizes (1.57", 1.77", or 1.97") by looking at the inner diameter.Cleaning up is s..
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Entrusting your partner or dominant with the control of your orgasms can be an exhilarating experience. The assortment of male chastity devices offers a variety of options to help you achieve just that. If you are committed to abstinence or intrigued by the concept of orgasm control, these chastity belt and cock cage kits are the perfect option for securely locking away your flaccid penis quickly and effectively.
There are a variety of devices suitable for daily use, including those made from plastic. For beginners or individuals new to chastity, we recommend devices made from silicone. Additionally, we provide metal cages for serious, long-term wearers or individuals seeking a more extreme solution. There truly is something to suit everyone's preferences, whether it's for a playful experience in the bedroom, an intense session in a fully equipped dungeon, or a way to demonstrate your unwavering commitment to your key holder.
We understand that variety is an essential aspect of life, which is why we provide chastity devices in a wide range of colors, including pure white, vibrant blue, and sleek black. There are also several adorable pink cages available that can help you embrace the concept of chastity and sissification. No matter what you are in the mood for, we have the perfect match for you.

What is chastity belt meaning?

Chastity belts are commonly employed in BDSM for the purpose of teasing and controlling the target. The primary goal is to restrict access to the genitals until they are intentionally released from a state of chastity. This practice enables individuals to stimulate their partner and manage their desires without resorting to masturbation or release. To prevent masturbation or other forms of release, their partner can use this method (however any gadget can be bypassed if one is desperate enough). The person holding the key must have faith that the person in chastity will not try to escape in any other way, and the person in chastity must have faith that the person holding the key will release them at the predetermined time. There are a variety of devices designed for both men and women, with one of the most traditional being the chastity belt.
The design of the female chastity belt has remained largely unchanged over the years. It typically consists of a waist belt and straps that connect to the front and back, effectively restricting access to the vagina. While some of the currently available devices are bulky and not easily concealable under clothing, there are others that are smooth and sleek, allowing them to be hidden when wearing appropriate clothing. The chastity belt is designed to allow for natural bodily functions while preventing anything larger than a certain size from entering. Certain models feature teeth on the inner edges of the holes to provide additional protection against any potential insertions. Furthermore, a smooth surface is generally considered to be cleaner and more hygienic.

History of chastity belt

When the term "chastity" is mentioned, it often evokes thoughts of the Middle Ages and the metal cages that were believed to be used by men to enforce the chastity of their wives or daughters, in order to safeguard their virtue. There is actually a debate among academics regarding the widespread use and existence of chastity devices during this period.
The Semmelweis Museum in Budapest curated an exhibition on the history of the chastity belt in 2010. According to the museum's curators, these belts were believed to have been introduced as a response to concerns about uncontrolled female promiscuity during times when knights were away for battles, pilgrimages, or religious crusades.
Today, chastity devices are indeed a reality. Speciality websites offer a wide range of products, providing customers with numerous options to choose from. These options include metal devices equipped with a lock and key, as well as smart devices that can be conveniently controlled through a dedicated app. The concept of chastity kink encompasses a wide range of experiences. It can involve engaging in foreplay where individuals choose to abstain from sexual activity or use physical devices to restrict access for a brief period. On the other hand, it can also extend to a complete lifestyle where a partner assumes control over a person's sexual freedom by holding the literal keys for days, weeks, or even months. The majority of these devices are designed for men. While chastity may have initially been intended as a means of restraining and regulating female sexuality, or perhaps even as a satirical cultural commentary on the control of female sexuality, its significance has evolved significantly in modern times.

Male chastity belt

A male chastity belt is a device specifically designed to enclose the penis in a cage, restricting the wearer from achieving full erections or engaging in sexual activity. During the period, it is not possible to engage in masturbation or experience orgasm. The removal of the cage is solely under the control of the assigned "keyholder." While the thought of this may make most men cringe, it can also elicit excitement in others. Being confined in a cage can provide a thrilling and satisfying experience. There are individuals who claim that practicing orgasm denial can enhance one's sexual desire and improve concentration. It clearly intensifies the dynamics of a dominant/submissive relationship, as a dominant partner can discipline their submissive by withholding not only sexual activity but also the opportunity to experience orgasm.
It is evident that this is not a casual preference. The act of freeing someone from a cage not only transforms the life, but also places a significant amount of responsibility on the person holding the key. Experiencing slight discomfort is a common occurrence for individuals who choose to use penis cages. However, it is important to note that in more severe cases, a faulty or improperly set-up cage can lead to serious injuries. In such situations, it is crucial for the keyholder to have the ability to promptly remove the device.
In order to gain a deeper understanding of the motivations behind individuals engaged in this fetish, we conducted interviews with three men who shared their personal experiences with chastity. Additionally, they offered valuable advice for those who are curious and interested in exploring this practice. Two of the men identify as gay, while one identifies as bisexual. However, it is important to note that this does not imply that straight men are not interested in these cages. It simply means that all the heterosexual men we approached for this piece declined to talk, possibly due to feelings of embarrassment or nervousness.

How to choose your chastity belt device

Type Of Material

Silicone, bioresine & plastic

Material-based devices can provide enjoyable experiences for brief periods, but they may not be suitable for long-term chastity purposes. The main concern with those cages is primarily related to hygiene. The devices are designed to fit closely against your skin, making it difficult to clean body excrement. To ensure a thorough cleaning, it is recommended to unlock and wash it on a weekly basis. In terms of comfort, the Bioresine material is the most comfortable option. It's similar to a thick protective layer that envelops your penis, creating a barrier that shields it from the outside world, much like a cocoon in a vacuum. Additionally, it offers the lowest likelihood of chafing or discomfort. Plastic devices can be uncomfortable, especially if they are too tight, as they can cause chafing between the skin and the device-base ring. 

Steel chastity belt

Steel chastity belts are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also serve a practical purpose. However, for those who are new to the concept of chastity, it can be a little overwhelming to begin with. The modern chastity belt is quite different from the medieval-style chastity belts depicted in movies. The newer styles are sleek, neat, hygienic, and comfortable, making them suitable for wearing for an entire week. 
Chastity is a fascinating concept that intrigues many individuals. Some people initially explore it as a way to enhance their sexual experiences, but they find it so exhilarating that they fully embrace the chastity lifestyle.

3D printed - nylon

Our recommended 3D Printed chastity devices are crafted using Nylon material, which enhances their lightweight and comfortable nature. These devices are among the most comfortable and lightweight ones we have ever found. These modes are available in various sizes and offer a range of options to choose from. 3D printed cock cages are known for their durability and strength, making them an ideal choice for individuals seeking long-term chastity wear.
All chastity cages consist of three main components: the main ring, the cage or tube, and the locking mechanism.

The Main Ring

Before purchasing a chastity belt device, it is crucial to have accurate measurements of the main ring size, as this is a key factor to consider. The ring is what keeps the device securely attached. It is important to find the right size for the device. If it is too large, there is a risk of it pulling down and slipping off. On the other hand, if it is too small, it can be harmful to one's health by restricting blood flow. The main ring serves the purpose of a cock ring. 
First of all, you will need to measure the circumference of your penis by measuring from behind the testicles. To obtain the measurement, you have the option of using a fabric tape measure, similar to the ones used by dressmakers. Alternatively, if you do not have one available, you can use a piece of string along with a ruler. Please use a tape measure or string to measure the circumference of your penis, ensuring that you wrap it around the area behind the testicles. The tape should be comfortably snug, without being overly tight. To avoid experiencing circulation problems, it is advisable to take this measurement after a shower or bath when your body is at its warmest. 
It is advisable to take the measurement two or three times to ensure accuracy, as cock rings are typically not eligible for exchange after purchase due to their intimate nature. 
We suggest trying the "Find your size" set of 3D Printed Chastity Sizing Rings. This set includes four sizing rings that are similar in size, with increments of 0.08"/2mm in diameter. These rings can be used to assist you in determining the most comfortable base ring diameter for you.
Another option is to visit your local "Do It Yourself" or hardware store to see if they have rings with a diameter of either 50 or 45 mm. This item could potentially be a curtain ring, a large rubber washer, or something of a similar nature. Once you arrive home, put it on and assess how it feels. If the cock ring is too loose, you should consider purchasing a slightly smaller size. Conversely, if it is too tight, you may need a larger cock ring.

The Chastity Cage Length

The length of the cock cage holds some significance. Ideally, you would want a cage that is precisely long enough for the tip of your penis to comfortably rest at the end of the cage. If the size of your cage is inadequate, it may cause a sensation of your penis being consistently constrained within your body. Additionally, your glans might uncomfortably protrude through the end hole, or your penis could bunch up towards the base. 
In the case of uncircumcised males, there is a possibility that the foreskin may extend beyond the end of the device and become pinched. A cage that is excessively long may not result in significant problems, but it can lead to urine splashing inside the enclosure. This can create moisture and unpleasant odors over time. To determine the appropriate size for a chastity cage device, you can use a ruler to measure the length of your flaccid penis. Simply place the ruler along the underside of your penis, measuring from the tip to the base. It is important to avoid pressing the ruler against your scrotum, as doing so may result in an inaccurate measurement. Simply let the ruler come into contact with the skin in that area. In order to obtain accurate measurements, it is important to be in a completely relaxed state. However, it is necessary to clarify that the flaccid state should not be due to being retracted inside the body, which can occur when it is cold or due to fear. For accurate results, it is recommended to take this measurement multiple times throughout the day in order to determine your most frequently occurring length. Once you have determined your measurement, subtract ¼ to ½ inch from the final result. This will give you the ideal length for a cage.

The Penis Cage Diameter

While measuring for the penis cage diameter may not be crucial, ensuring a proper fit does offer several advantages. It can enhance comfort and minimize any potential mess when urinating inside the cock cage. There is a suggestion by some individuals to use a cage that securely embraces the penis, maintaining contact with the skin throughout its circumference, without causing any discomfort or tightness. In my opinion, I suggest that the cage should be looser than this to facilitate air circulation. A penis that is clammy and sweaty tends to develop odor more quickly, and being in dark and damp conditions can lead to infection problems. Please keep in mind that your penis can naturally retract into your body during movement or specific conditions. If the cage is initially tight, it may prevent your penis from moving forward again, causing it to remain bunched up. Bunching can lead to the bulging or trapping of the skin, causing it to become pinched. The final decision comes down to whether you prefer a cage that fits tightly or one that allows for movement. However, we personally prefer the latter option, even if it means that he can become partially erect.

Choose an Anti-Slip Ring or not? 

Would you like to enhance the level of safety? Consider purchasing an anti-slip ring. The teeth will gently grip your skin, preventing any accidental slipping or removal.

Catheter Option

Certain steel cages are equipped with a built-in urethral lock. These devices can be effective for measuring chastity in hours, but may not be suitable for longer durations, such as measuring chastity in days.

How to safely play with the male chastity belt

Proper fitting of the chastity belt is crucial to ensure optimal blood flow and prevent any unnecessary friction. To prevent chafing and pain, the chastity belt for men should be comfortably fitted without allowing for excessive movement. Belts should not cause any discomfort when worn. If you experience any significant discomfort, please remove the device immediately and refrain from wearing it for a few days.
In order to ensure a proper fit for your belt, it is important to use a dressmaker's measuring tape. Measure your waistline by placing the tape midway between your hip bones and rib cage, aligning it with your belly button. If you are considering models with a secondary loop or those that sit on the hips, it is important to also have your hip measurement on hand. Measure your hip bone in the same way as you measure your waist.
To determine the crotch length, it is important to first determine whether you are selecting a waist or hip fitting belt. Once you have made this distinction, proceed by wrapping a belt or a piece of material around your body at the same level.  To measure, place the tape measure at the front of your body on the belt, then run it between your legs towards the back. Take the measurement where the tape meets the belt at the back. Alternatively, you can measure from the back to the front if that is more convenient for you. To determine the location of the wider area, measure the distance from the belt to the penis along the front crotch. To ensure proper location for bathroom use, measure from the back belt to the location of your anus. This will help ensure that the entire area is positioned correctly. Certain suppliers may request additional measurements in order to ensure that the belt fits correctly. 

Ensuring Maximum Security with a Prince Albert Piercing

Men who have piercings on their glans have the option to purchase a PA lock specifically designed for their chastity needs. These devices are designed with maximum security measures to make them nearly impossible to remove. Select the desired size of the penis lock, such as 3mm or 5mm. The length of the cage is generally not a significant factor, and it is uncommon for cages to have a main ring.

Keeping it clean

Chastity belts are typically made from a variety of materials that are both safe for the body and easy to maintain. These materials include titanium, medical grade stainless steel, silicone, polycarbonate, ABS plastic, or a combination of these. Ensuring that the materials can be cleaned and sterilized effectively is crucial in order to prevent any potential harm. It is crucial to thoroughly clean the area around and inside the device on a daily basis, reaching as much of the interior as possible. To clean the majority of the chastity belt, use soap and water. Additionally, it is important to make sure that everything is thoroughly dried after washing. If needed, utilize a hair dryer or fan to cool down. This will help minimize the risk of infections and unpleasant odors in the area. It is crucial to ensure that the male chastity belt is regularly removed, at least once a week, for a thorough cleaning of both the area and the belt. This practice helps to extend the lifespan of the belt and maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the genital area by preventing the presence of harmful germs. If it is possible, clean the belt using a disinfectant wash that is safe for the body. Afterwards, hang it in sunlight to dry, as this helps to kill more germs. To prevent skin irritation, it is important to regularly inspect the belt for any signs of damage. If the belt begins to cause chafing or irritation to the skin or genitals, it should be replaced promptly.
Chastity can be an enjoyable and exciting way to enhance your sex life, whether as a form of fun or as a component of BDSM games. It can also be considered as a lifestyle choice. Always prioritize safety and consent!

What is a chastity cage?

Modern chastity cages typically consist of two main components. There are two components to this device: a base ring that encircles the penis and testicles, and a tube or cage that covers the penis.
There are numerous variations of that concept, some of which include additional spacers, but most share similarities.
Each chastity cage is equipped with a locking mechanism, typically a small padlock or barrel lock, and is typically accompanied by two keys.
Once the cage is locked with the key, it should be completely secure and extremely difficult to remove without unlocking it.

Types Of chastity cages

Although the basic concept remains consistent, the implementation of cages varies greatly, leading to a wide array of designs that can make it difficult to make a choice.
Which is better: metal or plastic?
To begin, it is important to determine whether you prefer a metal or plastic cage. 
I switch between the two quite a bit. Metal can be a little hefty, but it feels much more secure. Metal provides a greater sense of security, although it can be somewhat heavy. Plastic is more prone to breaking, but if you purchase from a reputable brand, it should be well-constructed and durable.
Open or closed?
Using a more enclosed device will significantly reduce the amount of sensation you experience. If your goal is to minimize restrictions, then it might be the best option for you.
I recommend designs that allow for a greater sense of tactile experience, such as an open metal bird cage or a Cobra design.

How to use a chastity cage

Not everyone may find the concept of enclosing their penis in a cage appealing. However, for certain individuals who have a penis, it can be seen as the ultimate act of submission towards someone they serve. It is important to prioritize your safety, particularly if you are unfamiliar with how to properly use a chastity cage.
Male chastity refers to the practice of using a device to prevent oneself from engaging in sexual activities, such as masturbation or intercourse. This can be done voluntarily by an individual or at the request of their partner or dominant, as a means of serving them or as part of an event like Locktober. Chastity belt devices typically prevent the wearer from achieving an erection. That is part of the enjoyment.
Perhaps that doesn't sound enjoyable to you. What is the purpose of staying on board in the end? Everyone has their own preferences, and for certain individuals, the act of serving their dominant in any capacity can be arousing, even if it involves being chaste. Male chastity is a widely embraced concept within the kink community, to the extent that an entire month is dedicated to its celebration.
If you're interested in trying something, whether it's wearing your own charity belt or using one on someone else, we have done the necessary work to assist you in getting started.

Getting started with a chastity cage

Ensuring Safety When Using a Chastity Cage

Within the BDSM community, you will frequently come across an acronym that holds significant importance - SSC. SSC stands for Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Safety should always be a top priority when using any new toy or bondage item. Therefore, it is crucial to familiarize ourselves with the material and functionality of your new cock cage before using it. 

What materials are commonly used to make chastity cages?

Your cage can be made from silicone, ABS plastic, or metal, depending on the style you choose. Select the material that suits you and your body best, ensuring that your skin is not irritated by it. If you have previously used sex toys made from these materials, you should be fine. Keep in mind that you will probably be wearing this item next to your skin for long periods of time. It is important to ensure effective communication with your partners regarding both their comfort and your own.

Chastity key safety

The majority of cages are equipped with a lock and key. You have the option to give the key to your Dom/me or another trusted keyholder. However, it is important to also keep your emergency key in a secure location in case you need to unlock your cage.
If you feel that a padlock is not secure enough, you have the option to use alternatives such as a safety seal or zip tie. Make sure to keep a pair of scissors nearby for easy removal. If your cage comes with two keys, we recommend placing the second key in a readily accessible and non-obscure location.
There are methods that your Dom/me or keyholder can employ to ensure that you only use your emergency key when you have been explicitly granted permission. If this is a part of your chastity contract, there are several ways you can enhance the scene. Consider sealing it in an envelope using a wax seal, securing it in a lock box with a combination known only to them, or even placing it in an unconventional location like inside a jar of honey. One would reconsider before reaching into that place to retrieve it solely for the purpose of masturbation.
Ensure that both you and your keyholder are comfortable with the approach you decide on to achieve your goal. Safety and consideration are the most important things. Regardless of the nature of your relationship, it is crucial to respect someone's boundaries and stop when they explicitly ask you to do so.  

Ready to use a chastity cage

The design of cock cages varies greatly, just like the diversity of cocks themselves. However, most of them consist of the same basic components. There is a ring designed to encircle both your genitals, a sheath to cover your penis, and locking pins to securely fasten them together.
Depending on the design of your cock cage, some of these components may be integrated into a single piece. For instance, the locking pin and ring may be combined as one unit. Some designs have the entire thing as one piece. Before ordering your cage, it is important to take accurate measurements of yourself to ensure the best fit.

Erection in Chastity Cage

The primary purpose of a chastity cage is to restrict erections and prevent masturbation and orgasm. Hence, it is inevitable for individuals wearing chastity cages to experience erections. Your partner or Dom may engage in teasing activities to stimulate an erection while you are wearing a chastity cage. This may cause some discomfort unless your cage is slightly larger to accommodate a short penile length.
Next, you may experience nocturnal spontaneous erections. Regrettably, it is not possible to prevent this natural bodily function, as it is the body's mechanism for increasing blood flow to the erectile tissues. Therefore, it is important to maintain the health of your penile tissues. As a result, it is possible to anticipate some discomfort during nighttime erections while wearing a chastity cage.
However, we have provided some tips below to help alleviate that discomfort.
In chastity cages, spontaneous erections—you know, the ones you get when the wind blows in the right direction—cannot be prevented. Therefore, it will take time and training for you to become acclimated to this uncomfortable scenario. Indeed, chastity cages are designed for precisely that purpose!

Health Concerns Related to Male Chastity

It is important to be aware of the health concerns associated with wearing a male chastity device. Regrettably, certain concerns have the potential to result in injury or cause long-term damage. Hence, it is crucial to remain vigilant in order to ensure complete safety when using chastity cages.

1. Safety Checks for Chastity Cages

It is important to regularly examine your penis and testicles for any signs of bruising, abrasions, or chafing. All of these factors can potentially result in an infection. Hence, it is essential to ensure that your chastity cage fits properly and is not made from a material that you may be allergic to.

2. Concerns Regarding Blood Flow

Another significant health concern related to male chastity is the restriction of blood flow to the testicles. It is important to regularly check your testicles for any signs of redness, blue discoloration, numbness, or tingling. This suggests that either your ring is too small or your pins are too short. As a result, blood flow to your testicles is restricted. If this situation occurs, it is important to promptly remove your chastity cage.

3. Maintaining Impeccable Cleanliness

Maintaining cleanliness is crucial and ranks among the primary health concerns when using a male chastity cage. Neglecting cleanliness can lead to the accumulation of smegma (for individuals who are uncircumcised), as well as the gathering of urine, sweat, and pre-cum within the tip of your genitalia. These factors can potentially cause rashes, sores, and infections.

4. Safety Precautions for Nighttime Use of a Chastity Cage

Nocturnal erections play a vital role in maintaining the health of erectile tissues. Hence, they are regarded as a significant health concern for males. I suggest considering removing your chastity cage before going to sleep. Or, you can take turns sleeping with the chastity cage on each night. Finally, you could consider wearing a larger cage to comfortably accommodate these spontaneous and healthy erections.

5. Use It or Lose It

Another male chastity health concern is the potential negative effects of long-term permanent chastity due to lack of use. The lack of use can result in the atrophy of penile tissues, leading to weak erections, shrinkage, loss of size, and potentially erectile dysfunction. Hence, the principle of "use it or lose it" holds significant importance when it comes to male chastity. In fact, it is something you should carefully consider before finalizing.
Therefore, it is crucial to establish proper rules for the safe use of chastity cages in order to ensure chastity cage safety.

6. The Benefits of Orgasms for Your Body

The last aspect of our discussion on male chastity health concerns pertains to your overall physical well-being. Specifically, it is widely recognized that orgasms have various health benefits. Engaging in regular orgasms can potentially reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. In addition, orgasms have the ability to release chemicals in your body that can boost your immune system, promote better sleep, reduce stress, lower the risk of heart disease, and decrease blood pressure.
Therefore, it is advisable to incorporate orgasms into your locked-up routine, and it is important to have a discussion about this with your partner or Dominant.

How to put on a chastity cage

1)Clean thoroughly

Ensure that your cock is clean, dry, and fully relaxed. If you find the idea of entering your cage arousing, consider taking a brief cold shower beforehand or applying a cold pack to your penis for a few moments (remember to use a towel as a barrier and avoid direct contact with the cold pack on your skin). To help relax and relieve tension, you may consider engaging in a personal self-care activity, such as a moment of self-pleasure, before beginning your task.

2)Put on the ring

To properly wear a one-piece ring, it is recommended to insert your penis first, followed by one testicle at a time. This ensures that the ring sits snugly against your body once you are finished. If your ring consists of two parts, you have the option to close it around both your genitals, encompassing both the penis and testicles. Please exercise caution to avoid accidentally pinching yourself. In this step, it is acceptable to use a small amount of lubricant as it can help facilitate smoother progress. If you are experiencing discomfort while attempting to pass your genitals through the ring, it may be necessary to consider using a larger-sized ring.

3) Enter the sheath

Please insert your penis into the protective covering. To make this task easier, you may consider using a small amount of lubricant. To keep the sheath dry, you can choose to line it with a stocking or other type of hosiery. Simply slip your penis into the sheath and then carefully remove the piece of hosiery through the tip. 

4) Secure everything and lock up for play

Securely fasten the sheath to the ring using the locking pins. After you have ensured that everything is properly assembled, proceed to secure it using either a padlock or a zip tie.

How to choose a chastity cage?

Choosing the right chastity cage from a wide range of options can be a challenging task. Are you interested in finding a suitable chastity device for engaging in kinky private play sessions? Perhaps you need one that is safe to wear while going through airport scanners. Or, you might be seeking a comprehensive kit that ensures long-term chastity. We offer a wide selection of cock cages to suit your needs.
It is also important to consider the type of locking mechanism you would like to use to secure your belongings. There are several options available for chastity devices. One popular choice is the padlock and key, which can be given to your keyholder to wear on a chain around their neck. Another option is an internal barrel lock, which allows for more discreet wear under clothing. Additionally, there is a Bluetooth lock that can be controlled by your Master or Mistress from anywhere in the world. Our kits often include single-use numbered plastic locks that can be easily cut off when you finally get the long-awaited release.

Type of Chastity Device

Painless Chastity Cage

If you have accurately measured for a chastity cage, it should not cause any discomfort. However, it is important to anticipate some mild discomfort as your body adjusts to wearing a chastity device. This is particularly true in situations such as erections while wearing a chastity cage, changes in weather, during sleep, and when engaging in increased physical activity.
Additionally, it is important to ensure that you are wearing a chastity cage that is specifically designed and crafted with materials that provide optimal comfort for you. For instance, if you tend to perspire heavily, a chastity cage with a more open design would probably provide greater comfort. 
If you are a highly active individual, it is advisable to avoid metal chastity cages and instead choose something that is lightweight. 
Finally, there are additional steps you can take to make practicing chastity a more comfortable experience. However, some of the topics covered include manscaping, the use of specific lubes and moisturisers, and the importance of cleanliness, among other things. These steps can help prevent hair from being pulled and reduce chafing, resulting in increased comfort. Therefore, a chastity cage will not cause any hurt.

Painful Chastity

If you enjoy a combination of pain and pleasure, including CBT (cock and ball torture), we offer a selection of chastity cages designed to provide a painful experience. However, it is important to note that even when using a painful chastity device, you should still be vigilant in monitoring your genital area for any signs of decreased blood flow, abrasions, bruising, or infection. Chastity cage safety is closely related to all of these factors.
If you are interested in exploring intense chastity sensations, here are some thrilling product options to consider:

Electric Shock Cages

This particular chastity cage is designed to induce a level of discomfort, as it administers mild electrical shocks to the genital area. Typically, these shocks are administered by a partner, such as a Master or Mistress. The electrical chastity cage usually includes a remote-control electric stimulation device designed to enhance pleasure for your penis.
Additionally, some include a self-lock feature for those who may be interested in a self-inflicted, potentially uncomfortable chastity experience.

Other Painful Chastity Devices

There are other types of painful chastity devices, such as chastity cages that include urethral sounding devices, as well as inverted chastity cages. When it comes to exploring painful chastity devices and BDSM, we strongly advise taking things slowly, prioritizing education, and seeking guidance from an experienced Master or Mistress who can ensure the safe practice of painful chastity.


What is chastity belt?

The chastity belt, contrary to its name, was not intended to safeguard women from abuse or infidelity. Instead, they were intended to discourage masturbation. This claim is supported by several patented devices designed to discourage masturbation in the United States. During the industrial revolution, it was common for women to wear belts as a means of protection against sexual assault. This was due to the unfortunate reality that female workers in factories often faced the risk of being subjected to such assaults.
Do you believe that similar devices are becoming a thing of the past, gradually fading into obscurity? I'm sorry, but it seems that you are mistaken. The unorthodox toy has gained popularity among BDSM enthusiasts, who engage in role-playing scenarios involving elements of discipline, domination, slavery, and submission between partners. Chastity belts are considered to be an effective method for regulating a partner's pleasure.
Some stereotypes are outdated. Today, chastity belts are not exclusively used by women for fun and pleasure. Male chastity belts were created and are used by a specific subculture, possibly even more frequently than female belts. In many ways, it is smaller and more practical. Unlike female belts, which are worn around the waist and hips, the male version of the belt is designed to provide support and protection for the male genitals, resembling a cage-like structure. The man is unable to find satisfaction without experiencing pain. There is also a customized version of the Florentine type, specifically tailored to fit the wearer. It appears to be a waist shield that extends between the legs and provides coverage for the genitals.

Is it necessary to shave before wearing a man chastity belt?

Many men prefer to engage in a bit of manscaping before engaging in intimate activities to enhance comfort, but they usually prefer to keep it minimal. Shaving completely bare can lead to increased chafing, so you might find that trimming your hair is a more optimal solution. 

How to put a chastity cage?

If you are satisfied with the cage you have purchased, let's proceed with putting it on and ensuring your comfort while being securely locked away.

1. Apply Lube Before Putting on the Penis Ring

It is widely recognized that using a small amount of lubricant can greatly enhance the comfort and pleasure of intimate experiences. This statement holds even greater significance when you are using a male chastity cage to protect your intimate area. The experience of denial can be a pleasurable aspect of sexuality.
It is recommended to apply a generous amount of lubricant to the entire surface of your penis. Please refrain from getting too excited. It is not possible to wear a penis cage while experiencing an erection. If you experience one, you will need to pause and wait until your subconscious mind becomes dormant once more.
Place the ring over your penis. To ensure a comfortable fit, position the ring behind your testicles so that it rests snugly against your body. If you have taken accurate measurements, the ring should fit comfortably without causing any discomfort. Pull one testicle through at a time. Perform this task with caution and attention to detail. Gently manipulating the scrotum skin can be helpful in guiding the testicles into position.
How does the chastity ring fit?  Your package should be placed snugly inside the ring, allowing for a little movement, but not so loose that it can easily come off. If something feels too tight, it is important to remove it immediately. Insufficient blood flow to the testicles is unsafe and can result in long-term damage. 

2. Put the Chastity Cage Over Your Penis

The time to confine him is approaching, and it is crucial to handle this task with care, ensuring that the cage is a perfect fit. A chastity device that does not fit properly will not provide a satisfactory chastity experience. Let's make sure we do this correctly.
Please position the cage over your flaccid penis. Don't get an erection as it may cause harm to yourself. Gently guide your penis downwards to facilitate passing it through the ring.
Is it a proper fit? The cage should be free from pinching or chafing. There should be some flexibility allowed, but it should be restricted enough to prevent an erection.
Align the pins on the ring and the cage.  If the device fits you well, these should line up neatly. Lock them in place.

3. Lock the Chastity Cage

It is now time for the final step: saying goodbye to prohibited erections and sexual pleasure.
Insert the locking mechanism into the hole located on the top of the cage, and securely fasten it to close the cage.
Congratulations, you are now locked away! Gently jiggle the lock to ensure that it is securely fastened.

Does chastity cage hurt?

So, you have made the decision to engage in this popular and thrilling kink by securely locking up your personal belongings. Before we proceed, you may have a question in mind: "Does chastity cause any discomfort?" I can see your doubt. Locking oneself in a chastity cage can potentially enhance one's sex drive, intensify sexual experiences, and strengthen the bond with a partner, whether they identify as a Master or Mistress. However, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of chastity cage safety.
Does a chastity cage hurt when you wear it? No, a chastity cage should not cause any discomfort. That is, unless you desire to do so. 

How to wear chastity cage

In general, most chastity cages are suitable for both natural and circumcised penises, although some may be more practical for uncircumcised individuals. Men who have a natural or uncircumcised penis may experience discomfort when their foreskin protrudes through the urination slots of certain chastity devices. This issue often occurs with designs that feature a tube that fully encloses the penis and includes a slot for urination. These chastity cages are designed to prevent individuals from touching their genitals and feature a relatively large vertical slot for urination. While this design feature is beneficial for facilitating a smooth urination process, it should be noted that some men may find the continuous rubbing of the protruding foreskin bothersome. Additionally, in certain cases, prolonged wear of this design may lead to inflammation of the foreskin. It is important to acknowledge that not all men experience these issues. Whether this situation would occur for you is contingent upon your selection of a chastity device and your individual physical measurements. If you are uncircumcised and find the design of the plastic cage particularly appealing, you can experiment by pulling your foreskin back to expose the head of your penis as you enter the device. It may be helpful for you to have some Q Tips or Cotton Buds on hand, as they can be used to gently reposition the foreskin back into its proper position.

Is chastity cage safe?

Yes. Prior to delving into the world of chastity cages, it is crucial to bear in mind that engaging in BDSM activities should always prioritize safety, sanity, and consent. It is important to always maintain open communication with your partner and to consistently respect their personal boundaries. The world of chastity cages offers a wide range of possibilities, and discovering the perfect device for your needs is an exciting part of the journey.

What does a chastity cage do?

Engaging in the practice of male chastity, specifically by using a chastity cage, involves more than just physical limitations. It also encompasses various psychological aspects. By relinquishing control, the person who wears something cultivates a state of submission, which can be incredibly liberating. Those who engage in this form of erotic denial often report experiencing a heightened sense of anticipation and prolonged desire.
The psychological aspect of wearing a chastity device is equally significant to its physical effects. Many men who use these devices actually report experiencing increased self-discipline, a heightened sense of obedience, and an overall improvement in mindfulness regarding their sexual behaviors. Exploring one's sexuality in this way is a distinctive approach that many individuals passionately advocate for, highlighting the numerous benefits it offers.
Introducing a chastity device into a relationship can often result in increased intimacy and trust for many couples. The utilization of a cock cage can facilitate open and honest communication regarding fantasies, boundaries, and consent. The process of negotiation has the potential to enhance trust and strengthen the bond between a couple.
Additionally, it is not unusual for a man who is practicing chastity to experience an increased sensitivity towards his partner's pleasure. This can result in a heightened focus on their partner's sexual satisfaction, which in turn strengthens the emotional bond and enhances the overall sexual experience for both individuals involved.

What is a chastity cage

A chastity cage, also referred to as a cock cage or penis cage, is a device designed to restrict a man from attaining a complete erection or participating in sexual intercourse. Typically, it is secured in place by a ring that fits around the base of the penis and scrotum.
Many men use these devices as a means of engaging in erotic sexual denial or to fulfil their BDSM fetish. Chastity play involves a dynamic where one person, known as the wearer, consensually relinquishes control of their sexual behavior to another individual, referred to as the keyholder. The keyholder possesses the authority to unlock the chastity cage, establishing a power dynamic centered around dominance and submission.

Are chastity cages dangerous?

No. When using chastity cages, it is of utmost importance to prioritize safety and hygiene. Adverse reactions may occur if the device is too small, worn for extended periods without breaks, or not cleaned regularly.
It is important to regularly remove chastity devices for proper cleaning. To prevent the buildup of bacteria, it is recommended to wash the cage and the penis using mild, unscented soap and warm water. It is crucial to avoid exerting pressure on the cage, as it can lead to injury, and refrain from attempting to force an erection.
In conclusion, chastity cages are a fascinating aspect of BDSM, as they introduce a power dynamic and sense of submission that many individuals find highly arousing. Whether you are a beginner seeking to expand your horizons or a seasoned user in pursuit of the ideal device, it is important to have a clear understanding of what a chastity cage is, the different types that exist, and the factors to consider when using one. This knowledge will serve as a valuable guide on your personal journey. It is important to keep in mind that safety and consent are fundamental aspects of any BDSM activity, including the use of a chastity cage. These principles should always be upheld and respected.

How do chastity cages work?

There are men who find pleasure in wearing a chastity cage and also derive enjoyment from engaging in CBT, which stands for cock and ball torture. They experience a strong sense of arousal from the knowledge that any erection they may have will cause them discomfort due to the presence of spikes. This paradoxical stimulation further excites them, leading to an ongoing cycle of arousal. Some men simply appreciate the heightened sense of danger that the spikes provide. It intensifies and adds an erotic element to the chastity threat.
Sometimes, the spikes are strategically arranged to prevent the submissive from removing the device.

How to measure a chastity cage?

Make a tape measure measurement of the length of your cock. To measure your length, place the end of the tape under the base of your penis where it meets the scrotum. Then, gently lay your penis on the tape and read the measurement from the tip. If you prefer a more restrictive experience, you can choose a cage that is slightly shorter than this measurement. However, if it's your first time using a cage or if you're concerned about potential discomfort, it may be advisable to opt for a slightly longer one.
When it comes to the size of the ring, it's important to find a balance. If the ring is too big, it may not provide the desired level of support. On the other hand, if the ring is too small, it can cause discomfort and potentially pinch. The finest cock cages are equipped with a variety of rings, allowing you to try them on and discover the one that fits you most comfortably. Some of the more affordable cages may only have one ring, so you'll need to ensure it fits properly. Alternatively, you can consider buying an adjustable cock ring. Simply slide it over your cock and balls until you achieve a comfortable fit, and then measure the resulting diameter.

What size chastity cage?

At BLS sex toy shop we provide off-the-shelf devices that are manufactured in predetermined sizes and designs. Regrettably, we are unable to provide custom sizes at the moment. However, you can find them available for purchase from other sellers. If you are new to chastity or just starting out, it is advisable to purchase a pre-made device to ensure that you can determine if chastity is right for you and if you find it enjoyable. It is advisable to be certain that you truly want a custom cage before investing the money, as they tend to be significantly more expensive.
We offer a wide variety of cock cages, available in various designs, materials, and sizes. Some products offer multiple back ring sizes, allowing you to try different sizes and determine which one fits you best. Plastic cock cages are typically lighter than metal cages, although this may vary depending on the specific design. However, it is important to note that plastic cages are generally not as durable and robust as their metal counterparts. When faced with numerous options, ultimately, your choice may depend on your personal preference or the preferences of your keyholder.

Where to buy chastity cage?

When buying a chastity cage, it is crucial to choose a trustworthy supplier that offers body-safe products and provides reliable customer support.  It is crucial to ensure that the item you are purchasing accurately corresponds to its description. This is particularly significant when it comes to chastity cages, as they will be in direct contact with sensitive areas of the body. It is essential to verify that these chastity belts are free from any hazardous materials. In addition, certain suppliers may provide extra items like decorative chains, waist and leg straps, insertable accessories, locks with timer options, and more.